Second Chance Apartments

For renters who are looking for a list of standard second chance apartment communities that will accept applicants who may have past evictions, broken lease, poor credit score, foreclosure, bankruptcy, or other negative items on their credit report based on their location, rent budget, and other housing needs. This particular company also offers co-signing services to rental applicants who may need a strong co-signer to secure the apartment they want. Click link below for more information.  

General Requirements: Must have provable income.

Corporate Leasing

For renters who are seeking housing at Luxury Apartment Communities but don’t want their personal credit ran for approval.  It’s simple. You have credit issues; our corporate partners have great credit. We help you rent anywhere of your choosing at any luxury apartment community in your area, by submitting an application on your behalf under the apartment community’s corporate leasing option, our corporate partner will submit your name as the official occupant that will be residing on the property. This means your personal credit will never be checked, this approval process is solely based on your income. 

General Requirements:

  • Must have provable household income of $4000.00/m or more. (Household income is the collective income of all adults living in the home.)
  • Must have clean criminal background. No pending criminal cases.

Apartments Bad Credit is a free resource that provides a national database of apartment rentals that accept applicants who may have bad credit and evictions on their credit report with helpful resources and tips.

If you need immediate assistance in locating Apartments that will accept bad credit applicants, please click our Resource Page to view available resources of second chance apartments in your area. 

If you’re reading this article then you’re likely one of the millions of Americans who find it difficult to find and be approved for decent apartment and housing rentals in your area because of credit issues like a past eviction, poor credit score, broken leases, bankruptcy, foreclosure, or other credit problems.

It doesn’t seem fair that a 3 digit number we call a credit score can control and define so much of your life, especially if beyond your credit issues you’re a hard working decent human being who only wants to live in a secured and quality apartment just like everyone else. As a housing consultant, I’ve heard countless stories from renters who for one reason or another have some credit issues that continues to haunt them, and for that reason alone they have been forced into undesirable living circumstances like:

  • Co-living with family or friends.
  • Renting a room in a rooming house with complete strangers.
  • Being forced to move into a high crime or impoverish area where property managers are more approving of poor credit applicants.
  • Being forced to move into a hotel/motel as  their housing residence because hotel rental properties don’t check credit.

As both a compassionate housing consultant and life coach I believe everyone deserves a second chance at renting and access to a quality and safe living environment, so I created Apartments Bad Credit to be a free resource provider to help renters understand the loop holes in the housing rental system. My philosophy is simple, it’s un-American and inhumane to judge good people based solely on their credit score without examining the bigger picture of who they are as a person. What inspired this movement in my heart was when a good friend of mine was laid off their job and ultimately could no longer make their rent on time. My friend ended up losing their home a few months after their job loss, and I personally witnessed how that one eviction on my good friend’s otherwise perfect credit record casted him out of the housing system even after he found a good paying job. When he finally confessed to me that he was living in a rooming house in a high crime area with roommates who were heavy drug users I cried with him; witnessing his dignity being ripped from him all due to an uncompromising housing rental’s credit check process was too much for me to bear.

My goal here is to reveal to good people with bad credit the secrets to being approved for any apartment rental of your choosing, even with your credit issues. For many years’ clients have paid me hundreds of dollars for my advice and resources on these type of matters, but there comes a time in life when enough is enough, and the masses of people having access to the truth is more important than profit.

Second Chance Apartments:

First let’s discuss Second Chance Apartments. Second Chance Apartment communities are more lenient to leasing to applicants who may have negative credit issues regarding rental history and/or poor credit score. However, many Apartment communities classified as ‘’Second Chance’’ may not advertise themselves as one publicly to prevent an overflow of undesirable tenants. Which makes it incredibly difficult for renters with credit issues to locate Second Chance apartment rentals in their area, this in turn creates a situation where many renters waste countless ‘’non-refundable’’ money on application and processing fees just to have their application rejected a few days later. It’s basically a scam that many apartment communities use as an added revenue stream; taking advantage of desperate people seeking housing.  


Your best bet is to obtain a list of second chance apartment communities in your area so you’ll know exactly where to apply. The website provides a national list of second chance apartments. This list is especially helpful for renters who may have a past eviction, bankruptcy, foreclosure, poor credit score, and other negative items on their credit report.